Lightweight Spotify player - Winamp® style


Open Source

The source code of the UI has now been open sourced. The actual protocol layer that does the communication with Spotify is not open source though, so it's bundled as a pre-built binary for Windows.

What is Spotiamb?

Spotiamb is a Windows program that lets you login to your Spotify account and play your playlists. You can also search for tracks to play, and there's a radio feature.
Spotiamb borrows the design of the UI from Winamp, an excellent MP3 player back in the days. Spotiamb aims to be resource efficient and perform in a really fast and snappy way.

Why was it renamed from Spotiamp?

Apparently some company owns a trademark for Amp®, so to avoid legal issues I decided to rename it with the last letter vertically mirrored. But don't worry, I still pronounce it Spotiamp!

How to use Spotiamb?

First of all, you need Spotify Premium to use this program. Sign up here if you don't have premium. Then, just install it and login to Spotify in the login window that pops up. Click the Eject button in the main window to see your playlists. Double click on a track to play it. Click the O button or right click in the Window to bring up the Settings menu. You can paste a link to a Spotify playlist on the main window using Ctrl+V.

Where do I download this awesome program?

Spotiamb 0.2.1 - Installer (.exe, Win32, 544kB)
Spotiamb 0.2.1 - Portable (.zip, Win32, 501kB)
Change Log
Source Code of the UI
For help, support, or comments, send an email to, or visit #spotiamb on EFnet. Spotiamb also has a Forum where you may ask questions or post tips to other users.

Thank you Winamp - you really whipped the llama's ass :)

Additional features

Shoutcast server: Spotiamb features a builtin Shoutcast® server, so you can easily stream the music to any device supporting Shoutcast, such as Sonos. Just enable the Shoutcast server in the settings menu. The URL to play is: Replace with the IP of your computer.

Winamp visualization plugins:Milkdrop Visualizer Spotiamb supports Winamp visualization plugins. Put them in a folder named plugins/ in the program folder. You can copy the vis_*.dll files (and necessary companion files) from Winamp. Then just open up the visualization menu by clicking on the small V to the left of the window and Start the plugin. For the latest version of Milkdrop2 to work, you need to unzip the msvcr90.dll file into the same folder as Spotiamb.exe.
Winamp Skins: Spotiamb supports Winamp 2.x skins. Put them in a folder named skins/ and you can select the skin on the Settings menu.

Spotiamb was created as a tribute to Winamp®. Winamp® and Shoutcast® are trademarks of AOL Inc. Amp® is a trademark of PlayMedia. Spotiamb is not sponsored nor endorsed by Winamp®. Spotiamb does not come with any warranty, neither express nor implied. Spotiamb does not misuse your login credentials nor transmit personal information to any third parties. Spotiamb is a Swedish product made by Ludde in Gothenburg, Sweden. Spotiamb is not an officially supported product of Spotify®. Use it at your own risk. No animals were harmed during the production of this software (not even llamas).